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Sneaker Brands to Try-List of 5 Sneakers on the market

Over the years, the sneaker industry has grown tremendously. There are now so many sneaker brands to choose from, all having their own distinctive qualities and traits.

With so many brands and styles of these shoes being produced and circulated today, are you wondering which sneaker brands to try? Well here is a list of five (5) great sneaker brands that are very functional and current today.

NIKEcoloured nike sneakers

Recently, Nike brand sneakers(and the Nike brand in general), are in very high demand. Nike has the world’s largest sportswear company, coming out on top of the other sneaker brands. Over the years it has been doing extremely well, and continues to grow in both popularity and development.

Appearance:- The Nike Brand is a very recognizable brand it mostly being:

  • A check mark shape


nike logo




  • A check mark shape with the work ‘NIKE’ over it.

nike logo





Pros:- Nike being one of the biggest brands in the world, there are a lot of pros when purchasing sneakers from them. Some of these pros being:

  • That the brand is very versatile.
  • They are great for active persons, as they cater for most sports.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They cater for all sizes.
  • They come in a variety of different styles and colours.

Cons:- With the Adidas brand doing so well, it is hard to pull out disadvantages that may come with buying this sneaker, but some cons may include:

  • An expensive cost.
  • Limited due to popularity.




Adidas sneakers are still a very popular shoe worn today. They were originally designed for athletic uses, but are now also worn for fashion purposes white adidas sneakersas well(like most sneakers today). As a matter of fact, Adidas is the second largest sportswear producers in the world, second only to ‘Nike,’ which has been doing extremely well.


Appearance:- The Adidas brand can always be identified by a three-stripped logo, whether it be:adidas logos

  • the original ‘three-stripped’ logo
  • the ‘three bars’ logo
  • the ‘trefoil’ logo.

Using any of these logos, the Adidas brand can be very easily recognized.



Pros:- If you are considering purchasing a sneaker from this brand, there are a lot of advantages/perks that are associated with this shoe. Some of these advantages would be:

  • The comfortable movement the sneaker provides.
  • Has a great design and is easily recognizable.
  • Come in over 15 sizes including half sizes.

Cons:- There are also one or two disadvantages surrounding this brand of shoe, being:

  • Counterfeit brands are being made(be sure to buy the real thing).
  • Mostly come in white and black(though other colours are made).


The Puma brand came to be, after a disagreement between two brothers, that lead to their separation. The other brother was the creator of the Adidaspuma sneakers brand, Rudolf Dassler, was the founder of the Puma brand.

Today, ‘Puma,’ is doing really well in the sportswear industry, just like Adidas, and is also a very well-known brand, that people love to wear.



Appearance:- One can recognize the Puma brand by:

  • The word ‘Puma’ being written on the product along with a black puma.

puma logo





Pros:- There are many good things to say about this particular brand of sneaker like:

  • They are great for athletic, sports wear.
  • They are an affordable shoe.
  • They don’t have laces like most sneakers

Cons:- Not many bad things can be said about the Puma brand, however if one was to be named it would be:

  • That they are narrow fitted.(a very narrow sneaker).


VANSvans sneakers with skateboard

The ‘Vans’ sneaker brand, was a sneaker that was manufactured mostly for activities like skating. Due to their flat design, it is not recommended for persons with flat feet to walk around in these sneakers for long periods of time.



Appearance:- Vans sneakers are normally flat and narrow shoes. The Vans logo is simply:

  • The word ‘Vans’

vans logo




Pros:- Advantages of vans are:

  • They come as both slip-ons and with laces.
  • They have incredible control and grip
  • They are sturdy
  • They are also comfy and versatile.
  • They can stretch when worn.

Cons:- Disadvantages of Vans are:

  • Not great for walking if you are flat-footed.
  • A narrow-fitted sneaker



When it comes to Gucci sneakers, it seems that they are mostly used for fashion purposes, and not for any athletic activities necessarily.

Appearance:- The Gucci brand is very recognizable. It can be identified by:

  • A logo that appears to be to ‘G’s’ facing each other.


gucci logo




Pros:- Some pros associated with this shoe are:

  • They are a very stylish sneaker that comes in a lot of cool designs and colours.
  • They carter of all shoe sizes.

Cons:- Disadvantages of this brand of sneaker are:

  • They are really expensive.


Many Other Sneakers to Try!

There are so many other sneakers to choose from other than those listed. All sneakers have something to offer, and can aid in bring colour, and contrast to an outfit, giving confidence in our appearance. However, we know ourselves best, and know what sneakers would best suit us!



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  • Stephen

    I agree with your list. Nike and Adidas are indeed very famous. If we are to mention top 10, I’m sure Reebok should make the list. Air Jordan is very popular but I don’t think they can be separated from Nike.

    • Tiara

      Thank you for your comment Stephen.
      I agree that Reebok Sneakers are a really great brand as well, and are definitely in the top when it quality and style.

  • casey ehnes

    Hey, Tiara, I have a pair of Nike flights and I am a big fan of their brand just because of their durability im kind of stuck on Nike I haven’t really tried the other brands for shoes that is but after reading your article i will have to try Adidas in the future, thanks for sharing have a good night and happy new year!!

    • Tiara

      Hey Casey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and leaving a comment. I’m glad this article could be of some help, and that you found something you would like to try.
      Thanks again and Happy New Year to you as well

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