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Converse Sneakers- One of the First Brands of Many

Converse All Star brandConverse sneakers are one of the most commonly known sneakers in the market today. Though they have been around for quite some time, they are still very popular and seen as a good contribution in the fashion world currently.

Today, these shoes are not only seen worn with jeans (though they mostly are), but can also be worn with dresses, skirts, cargo pants, you name it! Due to this, the Converse has become a very flexible shoe, that brings a more comfortable look to many styles and outfits. Their flexibility when it comes to outfit contrast, is just one of the many reasons these sneakers are still loved and worn today.

Converse; the Pioneer Brand of Many(The History)

It has been recorded, that the footwear, ‘sneakers,’ go as far back as the 18th century, though they were not quite like the sneakers we have today. When these shoes became popular, the first sneaker for basketball was created.

A man by the name of, Marquis Converse, created the first Converse sneakers, to give basketballers better traction on the basketball court. He then gave them the name ‘Converse All Stars,’ after his own last name.

By 1923, the sneakers became more widely known. These  sneakers caught the attention of a hoop star from, Indiana by the name, Chuck Taylor. Chuck Taylor declared his public like, approval and appreciation for Marquis Converse’s sneaker. Due to this popularity, the sneaker was renamed the ‘Chuck Taylor All Stars,’ after the Indianan hoop shooter.

Today, there are so many kinds of Converse sneakers, all with their unique style, but they all come from one common, wonderful history and background of sneakers.

Not Just For Basketball!

Though in 1923, Converse sneakers were commonly used for the basketball court, they have since breached those limitations. Now, these sneakers are not confined to the court, but are worn in many settings. What was once a shoe of one function has become one for countless functions.

Sneakers in general are a big part of the fashion world today. They play a role in complimenting casual apparel along with other casual footwear such as sandals, flip flops or ballerina flats. This is therefore no exception for converse sneakers. They are now worn for all kinds of occasions, mostly those times you want to be more comfortable. They can make almost any outfit they are paired with a more casual one, giving a more light, playful and less formal air.

Though Converse are usually worn for the sake of fashion now, they can still be used for the function of sports also,(I mean, that’s why they were originally made!) Active persons also use these sneakers to enjoy their outdoor activities, some of these being not only basketball, but also skating and even running. They are the shoe for athletic movement due to their non-slip sole.

Over the years, these sneakers have developed both in style and function.


So Many Converse. (The Different Types)

Since the 19th century, when Converse sneakers were introduced to the world, the creation and production of different styles and variations of this sneaker have been brought about. There are now a large variety of these sneakers to choose from, to accommodate for different looks.

Some of these styles of Converse may often resemble the original design, with a slight variation. An example of this would be the ‘Converse High High top converseTops,’ which take after the design of the original sneaker, but instead come above the ankle. Another example would be the ‘Knee-high Converse,’ (kind of self-explanatory), which come all the way up to the knees.

There are also Converse sneakers that look different from the original design. The denim converse are an example of this, and appear to be made of jean material(as the name suggests). This makes them a good choice for jeans and other casual wear. There are also Platform Converse, that are a bit taller than an original Converse sneaker and almost gives the impression of a heel.

When it comes to variation in these shoes, colour should also be taken into consideration. They come in lots of colours, some of these being white, black, red, pink, navy, gray, blue, purple and XYZ colours(meaning different contrasting colour in one), to name a few. They can also be customized, so no matter the outfit you are trying to match shoes with, Converse sneakers are very forgiving.


Working It!

Converse sneakers were the pioneer sneaker of many brands to come, like the Adidas brand. They were one of the first brands of sneakers that are still loved and worn to day. Coming in many different styles and colours, they are a shoe worth wearing.


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