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A lot of us look to our favourite celebs and pros, and admire their sense of style and taste whether it be in the fashion or sports world, these individuals always seem dressed to impress! However, there are instances where these celebs/pros, are also seen rocking casual wear, showing that there are occasions were even they want to be comfortable, or just want to rock a more casual look.

Here are some sneakers that celebs and pros enjoy wearing and brands that they like or were seen wearing.


Reebok Walks Down Red Carpet!

black reebok sneaker



Reebok sneakers are becoming increasing popular in the fashion world today, and this includes the celeb world as well. Over the years, Reebok sneakers have developed and evolved, to a point where there are now a lot of different variations on this sneaker. Not only are these shoes comfy, but they also look great for almost any casual outfit! Here are some celebs that would agree, and were found sporting these cool sneakers around the towns!





Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski



Emily Ratajkowski was seen on the red carpet wearing a very eye-catching red Galvan corona mini dress. The model paired this stunning look, with a pair of white Reebok Classic sneakers, and proved that red carpet looks can be both casual and elegant.





Arianna Grande

arianna grande

Arianna Grande shares her love of the ‘Reebok,’ with the world, rocking various outfits and featuring this brand. She further shows her love for Reebok, when she collaborates with the brand on the ‘Reebok Rapide, sneaker, adding her own flair in the mix.



Working It With Adidas!

red adidas sneaker





The Adidas brand is one of the largest selling sportswear companies today coming second only to the Nike brand. These sneakers are not only great for outdoor activities, but coming in so many amazing styles and colours, making them great for fashion purposes too! These celebs not only give the ‘comfortable,’ look with this brand of sneakers, but also nail the ‘glam’ factor as well.






Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner




Kylie Jenner is definitely a lover of the Adidas brand. Rocking many different outfits featuring the Adidas brand on a number of occasions, Kylie shows her excitement for the release of the ‘Falcon Adidas sneakers,’ on her Instagram page.








Hailey Baldwin

hailey baldwin

Hailey Baldwin was spotted rocking ‘Adidas Continental 80s’ sneakers while hanging with her significant other, Justin Bieber.









Converse Make a Comeback!

black and white converse all star high tops







Converse sneakers are a brand that has been around for a long time now. Regardless, these sneakers are still a very popular and a loved brand today, being worn for a variety of purposes and functions. Numerous celebrities also choose to wear this brand in their everyday lives, these shoes being both comfortable and functional as well a having a great look to them. Here are some celebs who love these converse sneakers and are still rocking them, showing that this retro brand still, has a lot of style to offer!







Rhianna is an icon when it comes to fashion, showing off her personality and sense of style on the red carpet numerous times. However, this talented singer also knows how to let loose when it comes to fashion, and shows that even a casual look can be a fabulous one.Rhianna is known to be seen wearing many different brands of sneakers, and the ‘converse’ brand is no exception. Walking through the airport, she is spotted rocking a pair of black ‘Chuck Taylor’ sneakers.







Alessandra Ambrosio

alessandra ambrosio



Alessandra Ambrosio was also spotted rocking this sneaker brand. Wearing a Carolina dress and Bravado sweatshirt, Alessandra pairs Chuck Taylor Low Tops with her outfit, pulling off a casual but cute look.





Pros: Back At It With the Adidas!

Lionel Andre’s Messi




When it comes to the football world, the name ‘Messi,’ is one we are all familiar with. Being a very successful football player, Messi needs a shoe that enhances his performance on the field, all the while being a comfortable fit. The Adidas brand is his preferred choice when it comes to football cleats and this year (2018), is no different. Messi is seen wearing the Adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.1,’ football cleat which is his signature boot.





Nike #1

Lebron James

lebron james



Lebron James’ preferred sneaker when he wants to see results on the basketball court, is the Nike brand. Over the years, he and Nike have collaborated many times. This year, he was seen wearing the newest result of his collaboration with Nike, the Nike Lebron XVI.





Comfy Just Like Us!

There are so many more examples of celebrities and pros that wear sneakers for comfort and activities as well as fashion. There instances remind us that though we admire these individuals that inspire us, that they are human too, who have lives of their own and like to have fun in comfort just like us!




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