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Best Sneakers for the Gym:- For the gym and other sports!

Sneakers go as far back as the early 18th century, and were called plimsolls, that had rubber soles and both feet shaped the same. The first brand of sneakers were called ‘keds,’ and was the first brand of many.

After a while, in the 19th century(specifically in 1923), a specialized brand of sneaker was designed for the sport, basketball, namely the ‘Converse Chuck Taylors.’ Years later many different brands of sneakers were designed and produced for all kinds of sports and activities, and many more are still being created. This led to the many varieties of sneakers that we know and have today.

Here is a list of the best sneakers for the gym and other sports and activities you may be involved in.

Any sneaker you buy for sports should also be light in weight, well cushioned and durable, as the comfort of your feet is a very important factor, as well as function, to improve your performance.

They should also allow for speed, flexibility, jumping ability(if jumping is involved in the sport), as well as mobility. For sports like football and soccer, a sneaker that has decent length cleats and good grip should be selected.

In The GYMworking out in the gym



  • Nike Metcon:- The ‘Nike Metcon’s’ name stands for “Metabolic Conditioning,” meaning that this particular sneaker promotes activity and health.

This sneaker is great for hard workouts at the gym, due to their amazing design. They being of the ‘Nike’ brand, they are made from light material, which aids with both movement and balance.

The Nike Metcon sneaker is also very flexible to promote mobility, making this the perfect sneaker to run on the tread-mill and lift weights in. Not to mention, these shoes come in a variety of colours and sizes.



  • Reebok Classic Leather Trainers:- This shoe was released in 1983, and though they are not a very current sneaker, these trainers still get the job done. The Reebok Classic Leather Trainers is also another sneaker that was made for specifically with active needs in mind.

They too have been designed to be light fitted, and flexible as well as comfortable. These sneakers are also perfect for those who box at the gym.

  • New Balance Minimus 40:- When searching for a sneaker that is effective in the gym, the ‘New Balance Minimus 40,’ trainer is a really great choice.(and personally one of my favourites).

These shoes are made from a very breathable, flexible mesh, that promotes ultimate mobility. This makes them great for running on the tread-mill, lifting weight, and other activities around the gym.

Not to mention the ‘New Balance Minimus 40,’ trainer is a very stylish sneaker that comes in a variety of colours and sizes.


On The Basketball Courtman shooting basketball


  • Air Jordans:- The ‘Air Jordan’ sneaker brand, was designed specifically for the sport, basketball. These shoes were created for the famous and talented basketball player, Michael Jordan, and the sneakers were named after him.

Over the years, many variations on this brand of sneaker was created(like the Air Jordan II, Air Jordan III all the way to the Air Jordan XXXIII model of 2018), but they all perform the same tasks, and that is to ensure better performance of the player each time.

Air Jordans, are designed to increase jumping ability, as well as promote mobility to move freely around the basketball court. These sneakers are a guaranteed great choice when it comes to basketball performance.


  • Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit:- This particular sneaker has gotten great reviews on its effectiveness on the court. The design of these shoes are lightweight, soft and cushioned, making jumping and moving around the court a lot easier on the feet.

The ‘Adidas Crazy Explosive primeknit’ sneakers also have excellent grip and traction, meaning that the is a less likely chance of slipping on the court. These shoes also come in many cool colours, and sizes to fit most persons.

  • Nike Air Max Audacity:- Like the previous sneakers made for basketball, the ‘Nike Air Max Audacity,’ were designed from light and comfortable material. They also have decent grip, and these features make them another choice worth a try on the basketball court.

There were great reviews on the overall style and functions of the ‘Nike Air Max Audacity’ sneakers.


The Soccer Fieldfootball cleats on football field


  • Adidas Predator Firm Ground:- These football cleats got amazing reviews since their release and are ranked as a top brand. Not only are these boots comfortable, but they are also made to be durable and long-lasting.

The ‘Adidas Predator Firm Ground’ football cleats, also very light in weight and have great grip, perfect for the soccer field. In addition to this, these cleats are very neat looking boots.



  • Nike Premier II Firm Ground:- This is also another brand of cleats that are designed to be light and to provide comfort, while on the football field. They are made of good, durable materials as they will last for good period of time.

The reviews on this particular brand of cleats have been great, and is a recommended buy for persons serious about the sport.



  • Puma One Firm Ground:- Many persons who have bought these cleats, have said that the shoe fits snug and comfortable on the wearer’s feet.

They are flexible and allow for great mobility on the football field, as these shoes also have great grip and traction(likely many of the other cleats mention before).

On the Tennis Courttennis ball and racket


  • Puma:- The ‘Puma’ brand is a great sneaker to use on the tennis court. An example of this, are the ‘Puma Match,’ trainers. They were the first Puma brand designed for professional tennis matches.

These sneakers are comfortable and lightweight and allows fast movement on the court, and also have good traction. They are a good quality sneaker, that is durable and affordable, and come in a variety of colours and sizes.


  • Adidas Stan Smith:- The ‘Adidas Stan Smith,’ trainers, came before the ‘Puma Match’ brand and are also very reliable when it comes to the tennis court.

Though an old brand, these sneakers are still very effective. They are comfy and light, like all tennis shoes should be, and still pleasant on the eyes. Coming in many different colours.


The List Goes On!pile of sneakers

These are a few of the sneakers that you can purchase for the gym and other sports. The list is endless, and as you know what you are looking for, a whole world of footwear opens up to you! Good luck, and if you have any comments or further additions, feel free to leave them below.

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